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The Juice Pharmacy by The West Bay Club

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West Bay JuiceDuring the winter months the cold weather, dull days and dark mornings and evenings mean that your vitality can reach its lowest ebb – so now is the perfect time to boost your wellbeing with a fresh vitality-stimulating juice.

The West Bay Club’s Coffee House Manager Joey Hall relies on his ‘Cold War’ juice to come to the rescue when feeling under the weather to keep colds at bay or when he just needs a vitamin and mineral boost.  Joey’s Cold War juice is packed with all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you need to help build your natural defences and keep you going this winter…it’s a super health injection!

Cold War Juice Ingredients

2 carrots

2 oranges

1cm chunk fresh ginger root

1 chunk of red bell pepper

Did you know? Peppers contain three times more vitamin C than oranges and other citrus fruit.  Green peppers are just unripe red peppers and because they are not fully mature, they have a bitter after taste, and half the vitamin C of their red siblings.  So choose red peppers for maximum vitamin C benefit!

Joey’s Cold War juice will be available throughout the winter months at The West Bay Club.  In addition to their fantastic fresh juice menu, The West Bay Coffee House serves lovingly home-made food, delicious coffee and speciality teas.