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Make Your Own Birdhouse…With At Sarah’s House

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If you love watching the birds that visit your garden, why not encourage them to move in!

This birdhouse is easy for children to make with the supervision and help of an adult, and you can adapt the design to suit the birds you wish to attract.

You will need:

Wood (One long piece around 15cm wide and 1.5m long for the design featured)

Galvanized or stainless steel screws or nails that won’t rust.

2 small galvanized or stainless steel hinges



Masking tape


1. Mark out the measurements on your wood carefully with a pencil (see diagram above).

2. Ask an adult to saw along each of the lines to make the individual pieces for your birdhouse. Ensure the cut from X-Y is angled (see diagram above).

3. Pre-drill holes ready for the screws in the positions indicated in the diagram.

4. Build your house from the base upwards one piece at a time, starting by attaching the sides to the base. Tip: Use the masking tape to help hold the pieces in position as you fix together.

5. Fix the back panel into place.

6. Draw a circle in the front panel of your house then ask an adult to cut the ‘door’ out. Fix this into place.

7. Screw the two hinges to the lid of your house for easy opening and attach to the birdhouse where indicated on the diagram.

8. Find a good spot that is sheltered from prevailing wind, rain and strong sunlight for your birdhouse and wait for its new occupants!

Any small garden has space for a birdhouse, and larger gardens may have room for two or more but make sure these are well separated, as you might cause territorial fights between neighbours if houses are too close together.

Birds may move into a house almost immediately, but sometimes they remain empty for no apparent reason. Be patient, but if the house is still unused after several years you should try moving it to a different site.