ISLAND ARTISTS: Becky Samuelson, By Robin McInnes

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Over the last two centuries artists of many genres have been drawn to the horizons of the Eastern Yar valley, St. Helens Duver and Bembridge Harbour, with the chalk downs extending eastwards towards Culver Cliff forming a suitably dramatic backdrop. The great topographical artist William Daniell and later, Clarkson Stanfield both chose to paint views of the Yar, with the Solent beyond, from the vantage point of Nunwell Down. Alfred Vickers painted sketchy oils of low tide at Bembridge Harbour and the beach at St. Helens in a style that has been likened to that of Eugene Boudin. Charles Tomkins and George Brannon produced watercolour drawings and engravings respectively of the view across Bembridge Harbour from St. Helens.

Today from her studio in St. Helens, Becky Samuelson continues the tradition of painting the landscapes of our Eastern shores, often capturing yachting scenes to bring the piece to life. Elected a member of the Society of Women Artists in 2008, and a long-standing member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists, Becky paints in a range of mediums – acrylic, watercolour and pastel; she has also experimented with new substrates such as former Redwing sail cloth.

Becky started painting in the early 1990s exhibiting at the Bembridge Sailing Club Summer Exhibitions alongside Cavendish Morton, one of her greatest inspirations. Since then she has exhibited widely on and off the Island. She paints every day either in her studio, in the field or as a teacher both privately and for the Adult Education Service.

Becky’s paintings are inspired by her love of coastal subjects and seascapes. Fundamental to her work are the effects of atmosphere, light, colour and mood as she looks for rhythms and patterns connecting her subjects. Through her painting, be it veils of paint layered transparently or full-bodied brush strokes, she explores the various mediums – with the exciting effect this has on the subject. Becky firmly believes that a direct relationship with the landscape is essential and as a result sketching on location provides the foundation for a thorough understanding of the subject, be it on the coast of the Isle of Wight or on one of her adult art education courses abroad.

Becky has exhibited widely on the Island, including the annual ‘Landscape Paintings of the Isle of Wight Exhibition.’ Visit for further details.