Olverum Bath Oil

Jan 19, 2017

Even as a committed shower person I must admit that sometimes the only answer is a bath; after a hard gym session, at the end of a long week, when you have a cold, or to warm yourself up at the end of a cold winter day.

My latest bath followed a hard leg session in the gym, and it was a great opportunity to try and challenge Olverum bath oil. The challenge – to prevent the inevitable funny walk the next morning.

A cap full, and a 30 minute soak later, the bathroom, half my house and I smelt of a warm bland of pine, lavender, citrus, and rosemary. Not only a comforting smell, but the combination of oils has a breath easy quality that will see off any cold.

For someone with sensitive skin, new products are a little like playing Russian roulette. But to my pleasure my skin was left soft, and smooth to the touch, without any greasy residue, or rash!

It may come as no surprise to you (because we’ve got this far) that Olverum not only took on my challenge, but handed it back to me with the full use of my legs. While in the bath my muscles felt soothed, and my aches eased away. And get this; I walked like a normal person the next day!

Now, given my athletic prowess, it would be unfair to declare Olverum magical. After all I only had one bath; it could have been a coincidence. So in the interest of science, my experiment must be repeated, which may or not be my excuse to have another bath.. Do excuse me, this is for science!

Comes in two sizes; 125ml for £26.00, and 250ml for £48. Available from; Olverum directly, Liberty, and Harvey Nichols.