Kingz of Vocals

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The island is home to a diverse music scene, and Kingz of Vocals is a celebration of just that!

The group made up of Mathew Drake, Kieren Osman, Jethro Docksey, and Jason Bailey create music routed in hip hop, funk, reggae, and rock, but add their own spirityal twist. The result? A positive uplifting sound.

Following 10 years together and having performed to audiences at; The Isle of Wight Festival, Bestival, Boom Town, Meadow in the Mountains in Bulgaria, The WE festival at the University of Maastricht, as well as many local gigs. Kingz of Vocals are releasing a new album – ‘Island of Enlightenment.’

Here in the Style Office we have been listening to the single ‘Shorty Wanna Get High’ from the upcoming album. Made in collaboration with Jamaican artist Terro Melody, ‘Shorty Wanna Get High’ is an upbeat summer track, mirroring the sunshine of Jamaica. Check it out!

The music video was skilfully made by Mike Gripz using footage from several Island locations, involving around 30 people including; models, family friends, and Linda Byrnes dance troupe.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on these guys!