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Jimmy Choo L’eau

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It’s nice to smell nice.

I’m a sniffer. Not a ‘hand that person a tissue’ sniffer, rather a ‘sniff a nice smelling stranger’ sniffer. Oh come on, admit it, you do it too!

The latest perfume to grab my nose’s attention is the new fragrance by Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo L’eau. Described as ‘a floral fragrance with fruity and musky accents’ I, despite my opposition to the word ‘musky’ gave it a sniff.

The first thing to say about Jimmy Choo L’eau is that it’s well rounded, and sophisticated. As someone who, on the whole doesn’t like floral scents, I was surprised that it didn’t make me wrinkle my nose. The thoughtful balance of floral and fruity notes (the only perfume jargon I know) makes the fragrance fresh and soft. Refreshing rather then overwhelming!

The quality of this perfume is not only evident in the scent, but also on the skin. Following the less is more policy, I gave myself a quick spritz and got on with my day. I can confirm, Jimmy Choo L’eau is a longwearing perfume, sitting nicely on the skin, and leaving a gentle scent trail behind you.

Although perfume is a personal thing, this feminine perfume would make a great gift – especially with Valentines day around the corner. Containing peonies which embodies romance and prosperity, Jimmy Choo L’eau might just be the romantic gift you’re looking for.

Available at Gibbs and Gurnell, Ryde.