Say Hello to Westerhall, the New Rum of Cowes

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The award-winning Grenadian spirit is the official Regatta Rum of Cowes 2017, and plans to bring some Caribbean attitude to the world-famous sailing event.

Rum has long been associated with sailing and maritime life, and Cowes Week is no different. This year, Westerhall is stepping up to the plate as sponsor of Cowes Week to support what it sees as one of the best parties of the year.

The Westerhall Estate has been making quality rum on the beautiful Island of Grenada since the early 18th century, and is recognised on both sides of the Atlantic as a top-drawer spirit. It beats the mainstream competition in blind taste tests, and the distillers see 2017 as the year when people will start realising just how good artisan rum can be.

“I always point people towards what has happened with gin since 2014” says Nick Kingsman, Managing Director of Westerhall Rums. “Suddenly everyone became aware that there were smaller companies producing a far better broduct that the 3-4 household name gins. The same is true of rum, and we believe to an even greater extent. Too often people at the bar only have the choice of the same bland, unexciting rums.”

Westerhall produces four distinct rums, named after the time they are ages for. The No.3 which is the Regatta Rum for Cowes 2017, is a delicious cocktail rum with more than a hint of Grenadian spice. It’s a favourite among mixologists. At the other end of the spectrum in the No.10, a complex yet refreshing sipping rum that is sure to hit with the committed rum-lovers in Cowes this August.

Westerhall will be running a rum shack bar, which will offer a selection of their own original rum cocktails as well as the old favourites, and Westerhall will be served in every venue in Cowes. Look out for daily competitions and giveaways run through Westerhall social media channels.

Grenada is famous for its spices and laid-back attitude, and Westerhall will be bringing a bit of both to Cowes from 29th of July to the 5th of August 2017.