Hannah Wilson


Forthcoming concerts at Earl Mountbatten Hospice

The stage is being set for two very different concerts at Earl Mountbatten Hospice next month. On Thursday 2 February, the John Cheverton Centre will host talented duo ‘Tapestry’ who are set to entertain concertgoers with a night of country/folk acoustic covers. Andy and Lisa Dowden, of Tapestry, said of...

Kingz of Vocals

The island is home to a diverse music scene, and Kingz of Vocals is a celebration of just that! The group made up of Mathew Drake, Kieren Osman, Jethro Docksey, and Jason Bailey create music routed in hip hop, funk, reggae, and rock, but add their own spirityal twist. The...

Olverum Bath Oil

Even as a committed shower person I must admit that sometimes the only answer is a bath; after a hard gym session, at the end of a long week, when you have a cold, or to warm yourself up at the end of a cold winter day. My latest bath...

Rob Da Band launches new monthly music night for the Island

“I’ve always thought it’s amazing to have such a cool and diverse festival heritage on the Isle of Wight"